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Producing high-quality molded parts consistently requires a combination of in-process inspections and controls and dimensional verification after production. Designing a part with the manufacturing process in mind is the first step in ensuring a quality molded part. That’s why we provide design analysis with every injection molding quote. Getting manufacturing analysis early in the molding process can help eliminate costly redesigns, save development time, and take the guess work out of the molding process. Before placing an order, you’ll know if your design requires any changes, get recommendations to improve its moldability, and see other useful information to understand how the final part will be molded.




  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Analysis

    When requesting a quote through our online quoting system, you will receive manufacturing analysis and pricing. The first step in the digital manufacturing process can enable customers to test multiple designs simultaneously, thereby arriving to design validation sooner, which saves time in the development cycle.

    How our manufacturing analysis can improve quality of injection-molded parts:

        Identifies thick walls
        Identifies features with insufficient draft
        Mold flow analysis
        Select gate location
        Select ejector pin location

  • The Capability Maturity Model (CMM) is a methodology used to develop and refine an organization's software development process. The model describes a five-level evolutionary path of increasingly organized and systematically more mature processes.
    CMM was developed and is promoted by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), a research and development center sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and now part of Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Scientific Molding: Consistently Delivering Quality Parts

    Moldflow Analysis

    We use scientific, or decoupled injection molding process to manufacture consistent, repeatable parts for our injection molding customers. We develop, optimize, and document the ideal set up process for each injection molding project so that the same process and parameters are followed for every single run of a customer's mold. Any modifications are documented to provide traceability across molding runs.

    Whether the part will be run again or on a different injection molding press, or if it will be ordered once several months later, scientific molding ensures part-to-part and run-to-run consistency by documenting the exact process  used to set up the tool in order to meet the particular resin needs and dimensional requirements.

By following these industry best practices we can ensure that each part has the same properties as the previous part, by controlling fill, pack, and hold. This results in two key benefits for our customers: more consistent parts that are higher quality and inspection reports for qualification.



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