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Cases Studies of Medical Application

IMO is a palstic injection molding manufacturer that specializes in medical component,have rich experience in various material of medical application,such as PEEK, PPSU etc. High temperature resistance resin. Contact us for chooseing a proper solution for your product application.

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    A multi-talent with proven performance
    PEEK polymers are well suited for extreme and demanding environments, whether in the form of powder, pellets, or compounds or forms and parts. The light thermoplastic can support multiple requirements at the same time – to solve material limitations in applications, often replacing metals, and to meet cost-efficiency and sustainability needs.

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    High-Heat Transparency with Superior Toughness and Impact Strength
    Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) delivers the highest performance of our sulfone polymers. Our broad product slate offers an impressive selection of transparent and opaque color and meets a wide range of performance, price and processing requirements.

    PPSU offers impact strength similar to polycarbonate (PC) and better chemical resistance than polyetherimide (PEI). It excels in high heat and humidity environments and provides operating temperatures around 200°C (392°F) and inherent flame retardant properties.

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    Market Applications
    PPSU offers long-lasting performance in healthcare, plumbing, food service, aircraft and wire insulation applications. Medical-grade PPSU resins have a long history of providing a strong, lightweight alternative to metal in sterilizable instrument trays, implant trials and surgical instrument handles. The material is biologically inert and BPA-free, making it suitable for food service applications. In plumbing, PPSU and modified PPSU routinely replace brass in pressurized, hot water fittings and valves, thereby eliminating corrosion and contamination from heavy metals while extending service life.

  • Q:How many pieces can produce by Urethane Cast?

    Normally,10~80 pcs can be made by one silicon mold,can make a new silicon mold to produce more.

  • Q:Are you able to produce Metal components by 3D Printing?

    Yes, You can choose from lots of manufacturing materials including metals.
    Below is our available metal alloys for 3D printing. Various heat treatments are available depending on material.
    Copper (CuNi2SiCr)
    Aluminum (AlSi10Mg)
    Stainless Steel (316L)
    Stainless Steel (17-4 PH)
    Titanium (Ti6Al4V)

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